Slain American Journalist James Foley Remembered

Had ties to umass, new hampshire, boston

The American journalist believed to have been beheaded by ISIS militants has a lot of ties to New England.

James Foley worked for Boston-based GlobalPost, and his parents live in Rochester, New Hampshire. On Wednesday, his mother, Diane Foley, said her son was courageous to the end and called his death “just evil.”

“We just kept thinking somehow, ‘We’re getting closer, we know he’s alive,'” she said. “We just ran out of time. He ran out of time.”

Foley’s father, called his son “a martyr for freedom.”

“Jimmy did his work. So it’s up to others to pick up the ball and go forward. You know? It really is,” he said. “Our government, other foreign governments. How long are we going to tolerate all this?”

Foley earned a masters degree in fine arts from UMass Amherst in 2003. The school says in a statement that it offers “heartfelt wishes of support and healing to his family and friends.”

ISIS militants posted a video on Tuesday showing Foley murder and said they killed him because the U.S. had launched airstrikes in northern Iraq.

On a visit to Connecticut Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden began his remarks with a tribute to Foley.

“This is one of those cases where you don’t have to ever [have] known a single journalist,” Biden said. “You don’t have to know Jim Foley. You didn’t have to know anything other than, this was a man who was doing a job, hurting no one, who was victimized by one of the most outrageous group of individual that I’ve encountered in my entire career. And our hearts go out to his family.”

Biden made his comments in East Hartford, on a visit to highlight training efforts for manufacturing jobs, and also to raise money for Democratic candidates.

The Associated Press, WNPR Connecticut and Hew Hampshire Public Radio contributed to this report.