MGM Plans To Work With, Around Springfield Interstate Construction Project

Consultants representing casino operator MGM say they plan to coordinate their construction schedule around the renovation of I-91 in downtown Springfield. They presented details to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission Thursday.

The plan calls for routing casino construction vehicles off of I-91 as much as possible when the roadwork begins, as they enter and exit MGM’s property. MGM consultant Chuck Irving says the first building that would open is a parking garage, to help make up for a loss of available spots in downtown Springfield because of the two projects.

“So workers working on the (I-91) viaduct and our project can both utilize that garage and minimize the impact on the city,” Irving says. “And hopefully we can get some court house people in there as quickly as possible as well.”

Irving says the foundation for the garage would have been completed already if not for the casino repeal question on the November ballot. That has slowed MGM’s progress with the project as they wait to find out if casino gambling will remain legal in Massachusetts. If and when construction begins, the resort is expected to take 2 and a half years to complete.