Democratic Candidates For Massachusetts AG Stress Differing Backgrounds In Tight Primary Race

With less than a week before Massachusetts Primary, the race for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General in Massachusetts is tight.

Former Mass. lawmaker Warren Tolman and attorney Maura Healey agree on many policies, but in numerous debates and discussions this week in Springfield, and elsewhere, they continue to stress their different backgrounds when it comes to top issues, gun violence among them.

Healey, who was a lead attorney in the AG’s office, says she has the experience to implement the state’s new gun law.

“You need an AG who understands how to deploy troopers, investigators, assistant attorneys general,” Healey says.

And Healey went on to add local police, district attorneys, and neighboring states to the list. She says it’s guns on the streets that are the priority.

But Tolman says the AG’s office has enough strength to take on the NRA and require gun makers to manufacture weapons that only shoot after identifying owners’ fingerprints.

“I’m the only one who will force the implementation of Smart Gun technology on new guns sold,” Tolman says.

Tolman say in addition to cutting down on accidental gun deaths, it will also cut down on gun trafficking.  Massachusetts’ primary is Tuesday.

Candidate roundtables are a collaboration between the Republican newspaper, CBS3 and New England Public Radio.