Additional Vote Tilts Shutesbury, Massachusetts in Favor of New Library; Recount Expected

Divisions over a new 3.5-million dollar library proposed for Shutesbury Massachusetts appear likely to continue. That's even though a closely watched vote tabulation this week tipped a town referendum on whether to finance the plan into the "yes" column… by a single vote.

Town officials say one vote whose eligibility had been in question proved to be valid, making a final tally of 523 in favor, and 522 against. Town clerk Leslie Bracebridge  says the voter arrived shortly before the poles closed with only a Connecticut driver's license.

Holyoke Inaugurates Its Youngest Mayor Ever

The city of Holyoke, Massachusetts inaugurated its youngest mayor ever Tuesday at the high school where he graduated five years ago. New England Public Radio's Karen Brown reports.

At 22, Alex Morse had campaigned — in part — on his youth. and, he says, he's proud of energizing a new generation to become involved in the city, one that's challenged by high rates of poverty, teen pregnancy, and school truancy. but in his inaugural speech, Morse stressed the population's diversity and its fighting spirit. he counted among his priorities

Blogger Extols Virtues of “Plan B”

The recession has been taking its toll on workers of all backgrounds — including many who never thought they'd find themselves unemployed, but are now trying to embrace their new reality. As New England Public Radio's Karen Brown reports, some success can be had.

New State Commission for Civic Engagement Welcomes Western Mass Member

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is assembling a new state commission for civic engagement — with one of its first members coming from Western Massachusetts. Alan Bloomgarden  directs the community based learning program at Mount Holyoke College . He's a strong advocate for combining public service and higher education, sending college students to work in stressed communities and offering faculty expertise to address community problems.

Names on Massachusett’s Presidential Primary Ballot Set

Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin has set the the order of candidate names on the ballot for the state's March 6 presidential primary. Ron Paul's name tops the Republican ballot followed by former governor Mitt Romney, then Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich. Galvin – who drew the names randomly – says the primary is important because Massachusetts awards delegates proportionally instead of on a winner-take-all basis.

Computing Center in Holyoke Promises to Create 700 Jobs

A crowd of academic leaders and state officials watched in awe as workers secured the final steel beam atop a 90 thousand square foot structure in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts today. The ceremony signaled the start of the final phase of construction for what  Governor Deval Patrick says will be  the most powerful hi-speed computing center east of the Mississippi.

In Massachusetts, Farm Produce Abounds Through Winter

The disastrous weather brought on by tropical storm Irene and the October snowstorm crippled many small organic farms in the region, but  winter now holds new  promises for some farmers in Massachusetts. According to the  Department of Agriculture, thirteen new winter farmer's markets will open this year and they'll be selling more than just turnips and potatoes. And winter shares in farmer's work — called Community Supported Agriculture – appear to be storng winter-tiem sellers too.