In Greenfield, DCF Workers Rally For Lower Case Loads, More Funding

Social workers from Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families, trying to get the attention of the public Beacon Hill lawmakers, rallied Monday in downtown Greenfield, Massachusetts. More funding is needed for DCF, they say, to hire additional social workers and reduce the dangerously high number of caseloads on their plates.

In Heroin Crisis, Grandparents Seek Allies Raising Grandchildren

An increasing number of grandparents in Massachusetts stepping in to parent for a second time around. In many cases, they take custody because their adult children are using heroin. It’s a similar family situation in other parts of New England, and many grandparents are forced to be more resourceful than usual. In doing so, they are also finding friendship in the trenches.

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State Education Officials Take Control Of Holyoke’s Schools

By an 8 to 3 vote, the state board on Tuesday declared the district is chronically under-performing and needs dramatic changes.

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