In The Dark About Picking A Light Bulb? This FAQ Can Help

It used to be pretty easy to buy a light bulb. But the transition to more energy-efficient lighting now means choosing from a dazzling array of products. We’ve collected answers to your top questions to help you navigate the confusing world of the 21st century light bulb.

Once Neglected, Secretaries Of State Step Into The Spotlight

There was a time when secretaries of state were seen as little more than functionaries. That view changed in 2000’s Florida presidential election recount, which starred Katherine Harris. Now, secretaries of state are involved in implementing new state laws that have been making it either easier or harder for non-traditional voters to cast ballots — with decidedly partisan implications.

CBO Predicts Job Losses From Minimum Wage Hike

The Congressional Budget Office is projecting job losses as a result of a proposed federal minimum wage increase. The raise to the hourly wage has been a cornerstone of President Obama’s recent policy speeches. According to predictions by the non-partisan CBO, approximately 500,000 jobs would be lost by late 2016 due to such a law’s implementation.

Dealt A Recent Defeat, Union Organizers Plot A Future In The South

The AFL-CIO executive committee is meeting in Texas this week to discuss the United Auto Workers’ defeat in efforts to organize a Tennessee Volkswagen plant. Committee member hope to decipher what it may mean for other union membership drives across the South.

Rand Paul’s NSA Lawsuit Helps Him Lay Claim To A Big Issue

By suing the Obama administration, including the National Security Agency, for the agency’s phone call data collection, Sen. Rand Paul now has ownership of an important issue in a way no other potential 2016 presidential candidate has yet to claim.