Level Of Playing Field At Center Of Ride Industry Debate

Uber, Lyft and taxicab drivers showed up by the hundreds at the State House on Tuesday as lawmakers began to consider proposals to regulate the booming ride-hailing industry, including Gov. Charlie Baker’s attempt to thread the needle between protecting public safety and encouraging innovation.

The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Governors Michael Dukakis and William Weld were unable to advance a project connecting downtown Boston’s two train hubs and closing the broken link in East Coast rail service. On Wednesday, they plan to meet with Governor Charlie Baker to appeal to him to get the job done.

Brattle Group Report Details ‘Risk’ In Kaput Olympic Bid

“Even though the bid was withdrawn, this report demonstrates that there were a series of real risks associated with bringing the games to Massachusetts,” Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said in a statement.

The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Nothing says summer recess like the president of the United States vacationing for two weeks on a Massachusetts island while the state’s top elected officials shower themselves in ice in front of the capitol to raise money for charity.

The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Governor Charlie Baker’s signature is all that’s needed to green-light a “sales tax holiday” on August 15th and 16th. The Legislature passed the sales tax holiday bill last week, which has become an annual event in recent years.

Baker Endorses Scrapping Business Tax Break to Pay For EITC Expansion

Hours after lawmakers unveiled an overdue state budget compromise, Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday morning endorsed the Legislature’s approach to jettison a corporate tax break so that low-income workers could receive larger tax credits.