Veterans Encouraged To Speak About Concerns

The crowd of roughly 50 at a downtown hotel was about half veterans, 25 percent VA staff, many who are also veterans. And the rest, family and friends. John Collins directs the central and western Massachusetts VA health system. He’s new to the job and the VA, following 30 years in the army.

Big Game For New England Patriots

The New England Patriots host the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game on Sunday. This follows the Pats’ thriller last week, a 35-to-31 victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

Military Encourages Marriage

The rates of marriage in the military today rival civilian numbers from the 1950’s. That’s what UMass Amherst sociology professor Jennifer Lundquist discovered. She says benefits like health care, free education and housing create a culture conducive to marrying young.

The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray has helped engineer an orderly transition to her successor, Senator Stan Rosenberg, and managed to put an extensive chamber renovation plan, including funding, in place prior to her departure and in the midst of criticism of harmful cuts to state programs and services.

Rail Crossing In Springfield Raises Concerns

Residents in Springfield’s north end say higher speed trains slated to start running at the end of December pose serious safety risks. Jose Claudio, of the New North Citizen’s Council says hundreds of people cross the track at a section called…the alleyway. Claudio says that includes children, and parents with strollers.