How to Find Your AHA Moment

Sometimes a mere observation can germinate the idea for a successful invention. George de Mestral,the man who created Velcro,was inspired by the way burrs stuck to clothing.

Former Head of Massachusetts Schools Weighs in on Tenth Anniversary of No Child Left Behind

The sweeping federal education reform act called No Child Left Behind was signed into law  in January of 2002. The cornerstone of the legislation—more standards-based academic testing and strict accountability measures. But now, ten years later, efforts to renew the law are bogged down. Former Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Education- David Driscoll was at the helm when NCLB was passed and is considered the architect of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Test-or MCAS-which predated the federal standards.

Movies On Christmas

Many Jews have a quasi-tradition on Christmas. They go out to the movies and eat Chinese food. But  they're no longer the only ones enjoying a movie on the holiday.