Commentator Michael Carolan on Powerlessness

Commentator Michael Carolan  – a literature professor at Clark University who lives in Belchertown, MA , was one of the many who went a week without power in the wake of an October N'oreaster.  It  got him thinking about powerlessness.

Commentator Daniel Bellow on a Vibrant 2011 World Series

The 2011 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers was an exciting, back-and forth affair.  Just the kind of excitement that got commentator Daniel Bellow up in arms, when he heard another public radio commentator suggest a truncated series.

Commentator Hilary Price on Rosh Hashanah Rituals

The Jewish High Holidays began this week with Rosh Hashanah. Turns out commentator and comic strip illustrator Hilary Price is still learning the rituals.  Price writes  and illustrates the syndicated strip  "Rhymes with Orange" and lives in Florence, Massachusetts.

Commentator T. Susan Chang on How We Eat

As the seasons change, so does the food we forage for. Commentator and food writer T. Susan Chang says come fall, how  we eat and with whom we eat is also apparent. Especially as her kids go back to school.  T. Susan Chang is a food writer and cook book reviewer in Leverett, MA. Her book "A Spoonful of Promises: Recipes and Stories from a Well-Tempered Table" will be published in November. You can read her blog at Cookbooks for Dinner.

Commentator Mira Bartok on Nature and Pranks

The region will be awash in color within weeks, and many people tired of summer's heat will take renewed delight in the natural world. Commentator Mira Bartok is among them. But she adds a little mischief to the mix.

Mira Bartok lives in western Massachsuetts.  Her memoir "The Memory Palace" is just out in paperback.