On Education ‘Achievement Gap,’ No Clear Win For Gov. Patrick

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is leaving office next month after 8 years. Today we’re looking back at his record on education. Patrick instituted bold and controversial policies in the middle of his term, in part to close what’s called the achievement gap between students with different economic and racial backgrounds.

The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

With less than three weeks left in Senate President Therese Murray’s long Senate career and the 2013-2014 session, legislative leaders have lowered expectations for those hoping for a surge in activity akin to the recent passage in the lame-duck Congress of a $1.1 trillion spending bill.

With Its Fraught History, Can Vermont Yankee Go In Peace?

The Vernon reactor has generated electricity on the banks of the Connecticut River since 1972. It’s also generated public discord, litigation and mistrust. Officials on both sides hope that’s coming to an end, now that the plant is closing. But with decades of cleanup and decommissioning ahead, the saga of Vermont Yankee and the state is far from over.