The Ascension of Mass. Senator Stan Rosenberg

With the new legislative session about underway, comes the election of Massachusetts’ House Speaker and Senate President. Among the pair, western Massachusetts’ first legislative leader in about 40 years, Senator Stan Rosenberg from Amherst.

The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Sixty-six days after his narrow election over Martha Coakley, Governor-elect Charlie Baker is set to take office Thursday when Senator Stan Rosenberg, expected to be elected Senate president on Wednesday, administers the oath of office.

The Path to Primary Care: Who Will Be The Next Generation of Frontline Doctors?

The Norman Rockwell ideal of a grandfatherly doctor making housecalls is long gone. It’s been replaced with busy group practices that usher through patients in 15-minute increments. But even that model is struggling. There simply aren’t enough primary care doctors, period. In this year-long reporting project, we follow a group of Western Massachusetts residents as they weigh their career options and decide whether to enter this fraught field.

On Education ‘Achievement Gap,’ No Clear Win For Gov. Patrick

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is leaving office next month after 8 years. Today we’re looking back at his record on education. Patrick instituted bold and controversial policies in the middle of his term, in part to close what’s called the achievement gap between students with different economic and racial backgrounds.

The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

With less than three weeks left in Senate President Therese Murray’s long Senate career and the 2013-2014 session, legislative leaders have lowered expectations for those hoping for a surge in activity akin to the recent passage in the lame-duck Congress of a $1.1 trillion spending bill.