The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

As lawmakers map out a series of public hearings to learn more about Gov. Charlie Baker’s $38.1 billion fiscal 2016 budget, they are also busy passing through the Legislature the governor’s proposal to pour $350 million in fresh appropriations into the fiscal 2015 budget.

The Winter-Weary Find Springtime France At Smith Bulb Show

This year the theme is Claude Monet’s garden. The impressionist artist was also an avid gardener—who diverted a river to create his pond and purchased special varieties of water lilies that he famously painted, over and over.

Stabbing In Shelter Parking Lot Rattles Residents

The fatal stabbing took place at the Worthington Street homeless shelter in Springfield, Mass., run by Friends of the Homeless. Details are unclear, but according to newspaper reports, a 34-year-old shelter resident was arrested for the murder.