The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker quickly ruled out higher taxes as a solution to a fiscal 2015 budget problem he estimated at more than $500 million and said everything else was on the table. On Friday, he instituted a state government hiring freeze, announced a procurement and contract review.

Rebels In Paradise

Rebels in Paradise is the title of a book by historian Bruce Laurie. He traces the steps that five 19th century men took in establishing a […]

US Olympics Officials To Advance Boston 2024 Bid

The USOC, after a day-long meeting at Denver airport and more than one round of voting, announced the decision on Twitter that it had selected Boston to carry the flag forward. Boston beat out Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco to compete against a host of potential international bidders for the Olympic and Paralympic games.

The Ascension of Mass. Senator Stan Rosenberg

With the new legislative session about underway, comes the election of Massachusetts’ House Speaker and Senate President. Among the pair, western Massachusetts’ first legislative leader in about 40 years, Senator Stan Rosenberg from Amherst.