The Week Ahead On Beacon Hill

Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney are scheduled to visit Massachusetts next week to influence politics and voting here, signifying the late stages of races as candidates look to the post-Columbus Day stretch until the November 4th elections.

Automatic Gas Tax Increases? Inside Ballot Question 1

Massachusetts lawmakers passed a measure to automatically increase the gas tax along with inflation. The measure helps lawmakers avoid the political challenge of regular votes on whether to raise the tax, which led the group Tank the Gas Tax to put a repeal question on the ballot.

Baker And Coakley Go One-On-One, Over Eggs And Super PACs

Republican candidate for governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, and Democratic nominee Martha Coakley squared off Wednesday morning for the second time in 12 hours. Unlike previous ones, this debate featured just those two leading candidates head to head. It lead to a more thorough airing of issues, including TV ads and economic policy.