Bean By Bean, A Coffee Revolution Brews In An Unlikely Spot

Dueling shops serve up top shelf coffee service around the corner from each other in West Stockbridge

The tiny village center in West Stockbridge, Mass., is home to two coffee shops—each of which could be called the most connoisseur-friendly coffee service in the Berkshires. One of them has even figured out how to charge $5.95 for a glass of iced coffee, without it seeming entirely crazy.

The Sound Of (New) Music

Up the road a ways from Tanglewood, progressive musical collective takes a different approach to classical training

In the Berkshires every summer, there is a musical collective that wants to rip the powdered wig off traditional classical music. Playing the work of living composers and using unconventional methods, they are interested in anything but a musical history lesson. Things wrap up on Saturday with six hours of music, including special guests like Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and the composer Steve Reich’s re-working of two songs by Radiohead.

The Berkshires Compact

Despite the images of the Berkshires as quintessentially New England, the departure of large manufacturing companies, once the region’s economic base, has left the county struggling to adapt to the changing economic climate. Now, a group of political, business, healthcare and education leaders in Berkshire County has unveiled what they call a blueprint for the county’s economic revival. “The Berkshire Compact” lays out four main goals. You may have seen an op-ed over the weekend written by Mary Grant, president of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams.