Massachusetts Anti-Coal Coalition Formed

A Holyoke, Massachusetts citizens group is announcing support for a state-wide effort to shutter all three coal-fired power stations in Massachusetts, including the Mount Tom Power Plant in the cit

Holyoke Mayoral Race Heats Up

Holyoke, Massachusetts is in some ways a poor city, with a third of its residents living below the poverty line. It's also a city of possibility, with new economic and cultural development efforts underway, particularly in its historic canal district. And now, a potential Hard Rock casino development is in the mix too. Holyoke voters will face clear choices about the city's future when they vote for mayor next week.

Massachusetts Senate Passes Casino Bill, Towns Look Ahead

After months of lobbying, speculation and debate, the Massachusetts Senate voted last week to approve a bill that authorizes a casino in Western Massachusetts and two others in different parts of the state. Now a joint legislative committee will have to draft a final bill to send to the governor, but towns are already competing and evaluating the possibilities for a resort-style casino.

UMass Prof Seeks to Save Historic Holyoke Building

A University of Massachusetts professor is trying to find a way to save a building in downtown Holyoke from the wrecking ball. The building, known as the Skinner Coffee House, is just a few blocks away from another building that partially collapsed during demolition. A man on the demolition crew was killed. Holyoke mayor Michael Sullivan says he doesn’t want to leave the Skinner Coffee House standing much longer without renovation. The building started as a Hotel in the 1880s.