2 Republican Visions For Mass. At WBUR Debate

Tea Party-aligned candidate Mark Fisher blasted the state’s new gun law and argued for the elimination of targeted industry tax credits. His conservative positions veered far to the right, making the man sitting to his left, front-runner Charlie Baker, come across as a moderate.

The Week Ahead on Beacon Hill

Massachusetts House leaders keep saying legislation to address gun violence is a priority, but they’ve been slow to unveil a proposal after delegating research on the issue for months to a working group of outsiders.

Fisher, Mass. GOP Trade Accusations Of Bribery

The fight between tea party candidate Mark Fisher and the Massachusetts Republican Party is escalating with accusations of attempted bribery. Fisher is suing the party for conspiring, he says, to keep him off the primary ballot.

A Messy Mass. GOP Ballot Fight Gets Messier

The Massachusetts Republican Party says it wants to end an internal fight over whether a tea party candidate can appear on the ballot for governor. But it’s unclear if the candidate, Mark Fisher, will accept the GOP’s offer.