The Sound Of (New) Music

Up the road a ways from Tanglewood, progressive musical collective takes a different approach to classical training

In the Berkshires every summer, there is a musical collective that wants to rip the powdered wig off traditional classical music. Playing the work of living composers and using unconventional methods, they are interested in anything but a musical history lesson. Things wrap up on Saturday with six hours of music, including special guests like Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and the composer Steve Reich’s re-working of two songs by Radiohead.

MASS MoCA Teases Viewers While Awaiting Word from a Judge

Inside the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, there’s a wrecked police car, a rusted oil tanker and a carnival ride rigged with bomb casings. And it will be up to a judge to decide whether you get to see them. Those items are part of what was to be an exhibit by Swiss artist Christoph Buchel called “Training Ground for Democracy. With the exhibit behind schedule and over budget, MASS MoCA officials have gone to court to seek permission to show what is there so far.