Public Hearings on Utility Companies and Storm Preparedness

Massachusetts residents unhappy with the response to the October storm that knocked out power to so many of them will get their chance to weigh in with utility regulators. The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities announced Wednesday its schedule for public hearings as part of its investigation into preparations for the storm.

Reattaching Electrical Infrastructure After the Storm

As electric utilities begin restoring power to more areas affected by last weekend's snowstorm, some residents are contending with questions about what part of their home's electric infrastructure is their responsibility, and what's the responsibility of the utilties. NEPR's Charlotte Bidett has had no power at her home in Belchertown, Massachusetts since Saturday. She says while cleaning up after the storm, she noticed that the service box that attaches National Grid's electricity line to her house had been knocked askew.

National Grid Utility Workers, Demands

A group of utility workers in New England say they will strike next month if National Grid doesn’t agree to their contract demands. The employees are from local chapters of the Utility Workers Union of America in Monson, Worcester, and Braintree, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island. Paul Morrison, the president of Local 322 in Monson represents 47 employees. He says the union is negotiating health care plans and retirement options, in addition to staffing.