National Weather Service Confirms Tornado Funnel Cloud Over Springfield Sunday

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Revere, Massachusetts, shortly after 9 o’clock Monday morning. There are reports of partial building and roof collapses, downed trees and power lines. The storm was the latest to hit the region in the past couple of days that also produced a tornado funnel cloud over Springfield.

Storm Stories: Monson One Year Later

The June 1st,  2011, tornadoes that tore through western and central Massachusetts destroyed parts of downtown Monson, as well as many homes in this rural community, home to about 8,500 people

Monson Reconsiders Zoning Laws After Tornado

It’s edging close to a year since a tornado devastated the small Massachusetts town of Monson, and residents are still rebuilding their commercial district, a half-mile stretch of the town’s main r

Study: Tornados Changed Neighborhood Climates

While tree crews in the region continue to clean up brush and fallen branches from October's snowstorm, researchers in Springfield say last summer's tornados left a lasting impact on the climate of some city neighborhoods. New England Public Radio's Karen Brown reports.

Kerry, Patrick Assess Tornado Damage in Western Mass

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and Governor Deval Patrick arrived in Springfield last night to meet with city officials and get glimpses of the destruction from the evening’s tornado. WFCR’s Anne Mostue reports.

Springfield Begins Tornado Recovery Efforts

Springfield is in a state of controlled chaos as local residents and city, state and federal officials survey the damage wrought by the first of at least three tornadoes to sweep through the area yesterday. WFCR’s Anne Mostue reports.