Wal-Mart’s Tax Status Change Hurts Mass. Municipalities

A recent change in Wal-Mart's corporate status in Massachusetts has resulted in a big tax hit to host communities. Within the past year, Wal-Mart, which operates more than two dozen stores in the Bay state changed the way it is authorized to do business in the state – moving from a limited liability company, to full corporate status — a perfectly legal move, according to the state's department of revenue. Under the state tax code, LLC's must pay what's called the personal property tax to municipalities — but corporations do not.

Wal-Mart Officials Not Daunted by New Setback

Wal-Mart is still planning to hold its open house tonight at the American Legion in Hadley, Massachusetts. The idea, say Wal-Mart officials, is to connect residents with the engineers and architects involved in the development of the Wal-Mart Supercenter proposed for Hampshire Mall. The event’s still on despite the fact that corporation has received another set back in its plans. WFCR’s Tina Antolini has more.