After New Allegations, A Call For Mass. Sen. Rosenberg To Go

Feb 6, 2018

A Democratic candidate for Massachusetts governor has called on the former state Senate President Stan Rosenberg to resign from the legislature.

Last November, The Boston Globe reported that Rosenberg's husband, Bryon Hefner, had sexually assaulted four men with business before the legislature, while boasting of his influence in the Senate.

Rosenberg stepped down as president while the state Senate Ethics Committee conducts an investigation.

This past weekend, the Globe reported that Rosenberg gave Hefner access to his e-mails and that Hefner tried to affect the state budget.

Democratic candidate for governor Jay Gonzalez said it's time for Rosenberg to go.

"I think the best thing that Senator Rosenberg could do right now -- a selfless thing -- would be to step down and ensure that the Senate can move forward and focus on its important business and lift this cloud that's been hanging over it," he said.  

Rosenberg has issued a statement insisting he did not allow Hefner to influence his actions or decisions, or those of the Senate.