Baseball Jacket Headed From The Berkshires To Cooperstown

Feb 12, 2018

A jacket in a local baseball exhibit in Berkshire County is headed to Cooperstown, New York. The National Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday will take possession of the 1958 Brooklyn Dodgers' Rookie League jacket.

It belongs to Dalton resident Ed Ladley, who tried out for the Dodgers after graduating from high school.

Baseball in the Berkshires Museum curator Larry Moore said the jacket has been on display at the exhibit space in the Berkshire Mall, which focuses on the ballplayers who grew up or moved to the area.

"We have over 135 minor leaguers and 40 major leaguers -- two of which are in the Hall of Fame," Moore said. "So this item moving to the Hall of Fame just sort of strengthens that bond we have with the Hall of Fame."

Moore said it's a proud moment for Berkshire County.