Berkshire Bank Moving Headquarters From Pittsfield To Boston

May 22, 2017

Berkshire Bank says its planned move to Boston will have little impact on workers at its current headquarters in Pittsfield.

The move to Boston is largely driven by Berkshire's planned acquisition of Commerce Bank, which has 19 branches in central and eastern Massachusetts.

Sean Gray, chief operating officer of Berkshire Bank, said there will be no job losses in Pittsfield and the city will remain an operational center for the bank.

He said moving its headquarters to Boston will get executives closer to regulators, lawmakers and the financial hub of the region.

"We're a Massachusetts-based bank, so Boston being the largest city really opens up connectivity to an incredible workforce and potential talent base...that will benefit the entire organization," Gray said.

If the takeover of Commerce Bank goes through, Berkshire would have more than a hundred branches and $12 billion in assets.