Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless To Retire, Step Aside Early

Mar 1, 2018

Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless says he's retiring in a couple weeks -- with more than nine months left in his term. The timing is, in part, to give his hand-chosen successor a leg up.

Capeless said he wants his top assistant, Paul Caccaviello, to have the chance to run as the district attorney in this fall's election.

The governor's office said Caccaviello will be appointed to fill out the remaining months of Capeless's term.

During a press conference, Capeless listed off several of his accomplishments over 14 years in the job, but got emotional as he said he was most proud of the people serving under him.

"They are, all of them... talented, professional, ethical, dedicated and hard working," Capeless said with his voice cracking as tears started to flow. "And the greatest reward of my career has been to work and lead them."

Capeless, 65, grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and now lives in West Stockbridge. He's spent his entire 35-plus-year legal career as a prosecutor.

He said he has no immediate plans for his retirement, but: "My wife has a lot of plans for me. There's a lot waiting around the  yard for me," he said. 

Capeless also said he likely will serve as a special prosecutor, handling the appeals in a triple-murder case tried by his office during his tenure. 

As for Caccaviello, he's has 28 years of experience as a prosecutor, and has been first assistant for the last 13.

He is scheduled to be sworn in March 15 in Pittsfield.