Despite PVTA Efforts, Not All Riders Know About Coming Fare Increase

Jun 18, 2018

Pioneer Valley Transit Authority riders face a fare increase of 20 percent in less than two weeks. The bus company has been working to make sure its customers are aware it.

The increase takes effect on July 1.

Dan Leary said he's using PVTA while his car is out of service, and he's aware of the fare change.

"It's been communicated quite well," he said. "People are talking about it, so you got the signs in [the] right place."

That seemed to be the case for most people NEPR spoke with -- but not all.

Sam Jah of Springfield, Massachusetts, said he catches a PVTA bus every day.

"I didn't even know there was going to be a fare increase," he said. "I just came to find that out now. They didn't post it. They haven't posted it. They haven't shown nobody."

PVTA administrator Sandra Sheehan said she and her staff have posted notices about the increase in all vehicles the agency operates and at all major transfer centers.