Doubling North-South Rail Service, And Closing In On Retail Pot Operations

Jun 8, 2018

Starting next weekend, and continuing into next week, rail service will double on a daily basis between Springfield, Hartford and New Haven. We talk about that news and more in this week's panel.

Amtrak and CT Rail, a new state service, will have about a dozen runs each day on the new Hartford Line. They will also synch up with service to and from New York City.

Massachusetts marijuana regulators have announced the locations of more than 50 applicants seeking to run retail pot operations. In the four western counties of the state, there are just ten, compared to 16 in Worcester county.

A recent article in The Valley Advocate says some voters blame gender bias for the large field of write-in candidates for Stan Rosenberg's former state Senate seat. Some feel there wouldn't be as many if the only candidate who will be listed on the ballot, Chelsea Kline, was a man. Others feel it's more of a matter of qualifications. 

And finally, lawmakers in Massachusetts have started negotiating a compromise bill which could mandate civics education in the state's public schools. The House and Senate have already passed separate bills. 

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