Governor Baker Visits Springfield's New Model In Public Education

May 16, 2017

Governor Charlie Baker was in Springfield to hear the latest on the Springfield "Empowerment Zone, which consists of six middle schools and a high school.

In an "Empowerment Zone," principals and teachers have broad autonomy over everything from the curriculum to the budget. The results after the first year were mixed, with some test results up and some down.

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Baker paid a visit to one of the middle schools — Forest Park, where student growth scores dropped. But after meeting with educators, the governor expressed confidence in the model's long-term potential.

"I think in many ways the key to success is education — the key to success in most things — is getting people on the same page, figuring out exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish and get people to own it," he said.

After the visit, Baker headed to Stockbridge to hear about the impact of a state grant to increase broadband access in previously unserved communities in the Berkshires.