Hampden County Courthouse Not On Priority List

Apr 12, 2017

Springfield-area lawyers are frustrated that the Hampden County Courthouse did not make the state's priority list for renovations or replacement.

The Trial Court of Massachusetts released a master plan summary this week that put several courthouses, including in Northampton, Pittsfield, and Boston, into a first phase of repair, scheduled to take place through 2022.

Jeff Morneau with the Hampden County Bar Association said the 44-year-old Hall of Justice in Springfield is in just as dire need of improvement. He said the building is cramped, technology is outdated, elevators often break down.

"You saw people standing and waiting and waiting, just to get up," Morneau said. "Cases are delayed. When things aren't efficient, cases don't move, people don't get the justice they deserve in a timely manner."

In the master plan, Springfield was mentioned as a candidate for improvements under a phase two, but there was no timeline attached. A spokesperson for the Trial Court could not be reached for comment.

A new court house in Greenfield opened last week.