Malloy ‘Encouraged’ Over Budget Talks

Oct 12, 2017
Originally published on October 13, 2017 7:31 am

In Connecticut, Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy said last Wednesday evening that he’s working on a revised state budget proposal that he’ll soon be ready to present. This comes as the state’s Democratic and Republican legislative leaders continue to meet behind closed doors in an effort to reach a budget agreement that Malloy would be willing to sign.

Two weeks ago Malloy vetoed a Republican-backed budget that passed the legislature. Malloy says that budget was unbalanced. He says it’s a good thing that Democratic and Republican legislative leaders are meeting to come up with a budget that might be more acceptable to him.

“I’m encouraged that if there is an agreement between the leaders that it will come back, and we’ll have some further discussions. I would say that whatever is contained in that document has to be free of gimmicks and games and pension steals and the like.”

In the meantime, Malloy says he’s working on a fourth revision of the budget he initially submitted to the legislature early this year.

“They’ve been working on their budget; I don’t think that’s impeding me from doing work on another budget.”

Malloy says his revised budget could be ready reasonably soon. Connecticut remains the only state in the nation that still doesn’t have a budget three months into its fiscal year.

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