Mass. Criminal Justice Bills Pass, State Police New Head, Puerto Rico Recovery: The Short List

Nov 17, 2017

We start our look back at the week's news with two criminal justice bills passed separately by both chambers of the Massachusetts legislature. 

There's some common ground, but also a lot that still needs to be ironed out before a compromise bill is drafted. 

While we're on the topic of criminal justice and law enforcement, the Massachusetts State Police has a new head. She's Kerry Gilpin of Hampden, the second woman to have the job. Governor Charlie Baker appointed her this week after the top two leaders in the department retired amid an arrest report editing scandal. 

There's a lot being done in western Massachusetts and across the state to help those directly affected by Hurricane Maria, which struck Puerto Rico in September. But is there more that should be happening?

And we wrap up by asking our panelists about regional stories that we haven't heard much about that we should be.  


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