Massachusetts Lawmakers Consider Limiting Access To Social Media Accounts

Mar 12, 2018

The Massachusetts Senate will debate a bill that would limit access to social media accounts by schools and employers.

The proposal would prevent companies, schools and colleges from requiring employees and students -- as well as applicants -- to share their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

State Senate Majority Leader Cynthia Creem sponsored the legislation. She called the tracking of people's private lives unjustified.

"I mean, they don't come into our houses," she said. "They don't read our diaries. They don't read our letters. We're not required to submit things to them like that. If we have a private social media, that should be and remain private to us."

Creem said the legislation would still allow access to social media accounts whenever it's required by state or federal law or as part of an investigation.

According to the ACLU of Massachusetts, about two dozen other states have passed similar laws.