Montague Officials Vote On Replacing Police Chief After Letter From District Attorney

Nov 6, 2017

The Board of Selectmen of Montague, Massachusetts, was scheduled to meet Monday night to confirm an acting police chief.

That is after the current chief was told not to come to work for the second time.

Steve Ellis is the town administrator.

"The Montague Board of Selectman moved to place the Police Chief Charles 'Chip' Dodge on administrative leave while the town conducts an internal investigation," he said.

The investigation follows a letter from the Northwestern District Attorney saying Montague could not participate in a regional anti-crime task force as long as Chief Dodge was in charge.

The first time Dodge was placed on leave was in June of 2016, after the town learned the state Attorney General was investigating the mishandling of pills left in a prescription drop box at the police station. No charges were brought against Dodge and he went back to work.

Last month, he acknowledged to The Greenfield Recorder that he'd been addicted to opiates and in treatment but denied stealing any pills.