Neal Says Healthcare Debate Has A Ripple Effect

Jul 6, 2017

Springfield Democratic Congressman Richard Neal said attempts by Republican lawmakers to repeal the Affordable Care Act is having a ripple effect on a number of fronts. He made his comments Thursday during a stop in Great Barrington.

Neal said insurance companies and health care providers are having trouble planning, not knowing what they might be getting from the federal government. 

"Hospitals don't know how to plan for reimbursement schedules, for example," Neal said. "One one hand, they're (Republican lawmakers) saying 'we're going to repeal', but without saying what they're going to replace it with. It causes great uncertainty in healthcare markets."

The uncertainty could also delay other pieces of key legislation. Without knowing if the Affordable Care Act will be in place, Neal said it's hard to come up with a budget or work on other issues like reforming the tax code.

Neal added he fears the ACA will be repealed, but a replacement won't be put into place until after next year's mid-term elections, further politicizing the issue.