NEPR News Now: Ballpark Neighbors, City Hall Diversity, Farm And Suicide, Food Bugs And Smart Phones

Feb 28, 2018

The city of Hartford, Connecticut, is planning changes around its new downtown baseball stadium. The once-busy, historic North End neighborhood now has a lot of vacant lots and boarded-up buildings. We check in with Hartford residents about what should come next, what the area needs and what might be lost.

Also in this episode: City councilors in Springfield, Massachusetts, recently called for increasing diversity in Mayor Domenic Sarno's cabinet. But the mayor has strongly pushed back.

We also hear a report about farmers, who have the highest suicide rates out of any profession in the country. When the folks at a New England dairy co-op mailed farmers information about how to get mental health help, they thought they were doing some good. Not everyone saw it that way.

Then, our reporter visits a performance art piece from a Westfield State University professor. He's aiming to mark Trayvon Marton's death, celebrate his life and keep people talking.

We head next to a lab at UMass Amherst, where researchers want to convert your smart phone into a device that can spot food-borne illnesses -- before you get sick.

And speaking of cellphones, commentator Susan Johnson doesn't have one. This makes her mother-in-law very worried.

This episode:

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