NEPR News Now Podcast: Holyoke's PR Connection, Worcester Sox, Live Free Or Sue, Dunkin' Melancholy

Nov 14, 2017

Worcester is making a serious pitch to be the new home of the top minor league team for the Boston Red Sox. But the Paw Sox of Pawtucket may have other plans. 

We also hear the story of a husband and wife who covered up the state motto of New Hampshire on their license plates: "Live Free or Die."

And we hear from a Hartford resident who took his son this summer to the over-budget, long-delayed Dunkin Donuts Park. But, he says, it's complicated. 

But first up in this episode: One of the prime destinations for people who have left Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria is Holyoke, Massachusetts, where a nonprofit is connecting them with government services. WBUR's Simon Rios introduces us to one young family that is trying to get its feet on the ground.

This episode:

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