New Growler Rules For Mass. Breweries

May 26, 2017

Craft beer enthusiasts in Massachusetts looking to take home growlers from their favorite breweries now won't have to rely just on glass jugs provided by the beer maker.

In an attempt to clarify regulations, the state's Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission said that customers can get their own beer growlers filled, so long as there's nothing printed on the outside.

Chris Post of Wandering Star Brewery in Pittsfield said that means they "won't be able to fill growlers that were originally issued by other breweries" because of the logos on them.

Post said that before this rule, they'd just slap their own bumper sticker over another brewery's name to show where the beer came from.

There had been a recent proposal in the legislature to allow customers to use growlers from one brewery at another, but that failed to gain traction. And, as Post points out, that leaves beer connoisseurs in Massachusetts with a lot of unwanted glassware.