Northampton Awarded State Funds To Promote Tourism To Springfield Casino Visitors

Sep 29, 2017

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has awarded $100,000 to Northampton to come up with an advertising strategy.

Northampton officials hope to get people visiting the MGM's Springfield casino to head 20 miles north to their city.

The commission voted unanimously to approve Northampton's request.

Mayor David Narkewicz told the commission that Northampton is economically strong... right now.

"That being said," Narkewicz told the commission, "one of the concerns that a study that we commissioned found was, you know: there's a set amount of recreational spending in this region. And our concern, obviously, is that Northampton continues to be part of that recreational spending picture."

In the past, Narkewicz has said he worries the casino could divert visitors and money from Northampton's restaurants and music venues. He now says he's looking forward to working with MGM.