Pioneer Valley Businesses Close Monday to Support Workers And Immigrants

Apr 28, 2017

The first day of May — May Day — is also known as International Workers Day. In honor of it, roughly 20 businesses and organizations in the Pioneer Valley are closing their doors for the day.

It's part of a nationwide effort, and immigrants are a key part of the focus.

"This year, we have a re-commitment to stand with immigrant communities that are being attacked and experiencing state violence from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, workers who are experiencing higher levels of exploitation with wage theft," said Rose Bookbinder, an organizer with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center. "So we are recommitting, not only here in western Mass. but nationally, to resist and stand against Trump's agenda." 

Organizers are leading a march from outside the headquarters of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in downtown Springfield to City Hall. They're calling on the City Council to declare Springfield a "sanctuary city."