Pittsfield Airport Gets $6 Million From Feds To Fix Runways

Aug 23, 2017

Pittsfield Municipal Airport is getting more than $6 million from the federal government to help rebuild its two runways.

The city-owned airport currently handles private flights, charters and some military training missions.

Its manager, Gloria Bouillon, said the runways are at the point where they can't be repaired any longer. And with smoother landing strips scheduled to be in place next year, she didn't rule out the possibility of trying to attract commercial service in and out of Pittsfield in the future.

"Avenues of all types of revenue-producing generation [are] going to be evaluated constantly on how we can meet the needs of the community, meet the needs of the demand here," Bouillon said. 

Right now, the two closest airports with commercial service are Albany International in New York and Bradley International in Connecticut, about an hour or more away from Pittsfield.