Police On The Lookout For Drunk Drivers Ahead Of New Year's

Dec 29, 2017

With New Year's weekend approaching, State Police in Massachusetts said they will be on the look out for drunk drivers.  

In addition to regular patrols, they will also set up two sobriety checkpoints, said State Police Lt. Thomas Ryan. One will be in Hampshire County Friday night, and the other in Plymouth County Saturday night.

The State Police Department picks locations for the stops strategically, Ryan said in an interview.

“Checkpoints are chosen based upon information that we glean from statistics that we collect throughout the year,” Ryan said. “We try to put them in locations where we believe that they’ll be most beneficial.”

Connecticut state police are also setting up sobriety checkpoints, and will be stepping up traffic enforcement throughout the weekend.

The Hartford Courant reports State Police made 34 drunk driving arrests, and wrote 705 speeding tickets last New Year's.