Retail Space Filling Up At Springfield's Union Station

Jun 1, 2017

Springfield city officials announced on Wednesday that they've rented out the last spot in the main concourse of the renovated Union Station.

It will be an Italian restaurant called The Whistle Stop -- named after an establishment that existed in the original train station, which closed in the 1970s.

The city is still looking for more tenants to fill space beyond the main concourse.

Springfield's chief development officer Kevin Kennedy said creating a new retail complex in the station will not take away from existing local businesses.

"The retail we have in here is really the transportation/convenient retail," Kennedy said. "It's people who are passing through here, getting from one spot to another."

Kennedy said when visitors leave the station and pass through the downtown, he expects local businesses to benefit.

The new train station will serve as a hub for both bus and train travel -- replacing the small waiting room and ticket window that have been used for the past four decades.