The Short List: Drug Lab Scandal Fallout, Snake Island Suspension, 'West Mass' Redo

Apr 21, 2017

Our panel of journalists looks at the big stories in the news.

What made The Short List this week?

  • The 2012 state drug lab scandal in Massachusetts is coming to a close with the dismissal of some 20,000 criminal cases because they were based on evidence potentially tainted by former state chemist Annie Dookhan. (WBUR)
  • The proposal to create a protected habitat for timber rattlesnakes on an island in the Quabbin Reservoir is suspended, but still on the table. That's according to Joseph Larson, the chair of the Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Board. (NEPR)
  • Booster organizations for western Massachusetts are pausing their rollout of a new brand for the region. "West Mass" was chosen earlier this year as a new name for the Pioneer Valley, the region made up of Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties. (NEPR)