Statehouse Sexual Harassment, Police Cameras, Belated Budgets, Art In Court: The Short List

Nov 3, 2017

First up in our news roundup this week: Massachusetts legislative leaders said their offices indeed received complaints of sexual harassment at the State House. 

This came after a Boston Globe column in which a dozen women shared stories of being harassed by current and former elected officials.

Meanwhile, officials in Springfield are moving forward with plans to require business open late at night to provide outdoor surveillance cameras that can be monitored in real time. In Northampton, the city council has come out against a similar plan. 

And four months past-due, Connecticut finally has a state budget. In the Bay State, Massachusetts legislators have finally gotten around to closing the books on the last fiscal year. 

We wrap up with the latest chapter in the battle over the Berkshire Museum's plans to auction 40 pieces of art, including two Norman Rockwell paintings. A court hearing was held this week in Pittsfield by two groups of plaintiffs looking to halt the sale, and now the state's attorney general's office is getting involved. 


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