Tensions With North Korea Have Two Western Mass. Women on Edge

Aug 11, 2017

Two western Massachusetts residents of South Korean descent have been watching as tensions between the United States and North Korea have continued to escalate. 

Suk Massey is a lecturer in east Asian languages and literature at Smith College. She said Friday she's been following the exchanges between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un closely.

"I'm worrying about it but most friends in Korea don't seem to worry about that too much, because they are somehow -- they are used to it," she said.

In downtown Springfield, Sun Kim owns the Sun Kim Bop restaurant. She said this episode feels different from previous clashes between the two countries.

"It's like a chicken game, right? If you make a wrong decision, it's really catastrophic," she said. "You know, you shouldn't play with that kind of situation. That's ridiculous what is going on, what is coming from both parties."

Kim says she's especially concerned for her friends and family who live in South Korea -- including her parents and two brothers.