Valley Voices - #14 Neighbors

May 3, 2018


Season four of our Valley Voices Story Slam Series kicked off in March with the theme “Neighbors.” That means we’re back with a brand new Valley Voices podcast! We’ll be talking with three storytellers who made quite an impression the the live audience that night. Eve Brown-Waite tells us about her neighbors across the globe. Kevin Gallagher gives a humorous recount of a night that didn’t go as expected. And Shirlee Williams shares the tale of the night her mother almost committed murder. You’ll hear their stories as they told them that night, plus they sit down with us to share what they couldn’t fit into their five minute story.

Kevin, Eve and Shirlee took home 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at “Neighbors” and will go on to compete in the Best of Valley Voices at the Academy of Music on October 13, 2018!

Valley Voices is produced in partnership with The Academy of Music Theatre.