Valley Voices - #3 Lost in Translation

Apr 26, 2016

As the end of our latest season of Valley Voices Story Slams comes to a close, we’re listening back to the stories you've shared with us in the past. This week: Lost in Translation Lindel Hart offers us a harrowing look at the streets of Leningrad just months before the Soviet Union dissolves. Suzanne Schmidt shows us exactly why Italian women rock so much! And lastly, Steve Hoeshele shares with us why it’s often so difficult to comprehend the darkest moments of the human experience. These are your stories, and we’re always looking for more. Find out when you can hear them live, or listen for more from our Valley Voices Podcast, by visiting Music here by Broken Social Scene, Devotchka, and Negrita. Apologies for a couple weird moments here, as there were a couple technical glitches on site the year we recorded these stories.