Valley Voices - #7 Another Day, Another Dollar

Nov 30, 2016

Looking ahead to Season 3 of our Valley Voices Story Slams, we've got another episode of the podcast up looking back to some of our past storytellers. This month, we're highlighting stories of work. Josie Dulles fights for her soul at Starbucks, while Michael Klein finds playing with knobs and dials can take you further than you'd expect. Check back with us at the end of every month, as we'll have more stories running up to our Season Three opener, “Slippery Slope” on January 19! If you've got a story to tell, NEPR and The Academy of Music Theatre want to hear it. Share the first line of your story on our Valley Voices hotline at 413-735-6688 along with your contact info. We’ll choose the best 10 lines to compete on stage at the Northampton Brewery in January! Music here by Broken Social Scene and The Smiths.