Warren Skeptical About Trump's North Korea Meeting, Shrugs Off DNA Request

Mar 11, 2018

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said she doesn't think a possible meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is likely to be effective. 

Still, Warren says there does need to be a diplomatic solution with North Korea.

"The generals have told us repeatedly there is no military-only solution," she said during an interview Friday, before a town hall meeting in Springfield.

Warren said Trump may not be the best person to have at the table.

"What I'm concerned about is that the president could walk into those negotiations and frankly that Kim Jong Un could take advantage of him," she said.  

Warren said she's also concerned by the lack of officials at the State Department who deal with the Korean Peninsula. 

Warren Sees Calls For A DNA Test As A Distraction 

Meanwhile, Warren brushed aside calls that she get a DNA test to resolve questions about her Native American heritage. One of the calls came from the editorial board of The Berkshire Eagle, which endorsed Warren in 2012.

The paper argued that whatever the results of the test, it would resolve the debate. Warren said her constituents have moved on from the issue.

"My view is we kind of fought that out in 2012," she said. "[Republican Senator] Scott Brown raised it pretty much every day during the campaign, and I think the people of Massachusetts were pretty satisfied with the answer."

Warren said she sees the issue as a distraction from what people should really be focused on: the possible rollback of banking regulations.